Studentisches Wohnen in Giesing

Welcome at the AWO facility "Studentisches Wohnen in Giesing" - a nice place to live and study

"Studentisches Wohnen in Giesing" is located in the south-east of Munich. 

Giesing used to be Munich’s working-class district and could keep its charm in many ways to this day. It’s also the home of the football clubs 1860 München and FC Bayern München.

The symbol of this neighbourhood is the Heilig-Kreuz-Kirche – built in neo-Gothic style and opened in 1886 after 20 years of construction. Giesing is very popular amongst people, who do not want to spend too much on rent (even though there are areas which are expensive of course) but still want to live close to the city centre and enjoy the vibrant city life.

The facility offers rooms for students, apprentices and employees of the AWO.

We are offering three types of rooms in two different houses of the facility:

  • House B, 3rd floor

    • including  kitchenette
    • bathroom including shower/tub, toilet and sink

  • House B, 6th - 8th floor

    • two rooms sharing one bathroom (the bathroom is located between the rooms and is accessible separatly from both rooms )
    • common room with kitchen / floor

  • House C, 1st - 3rd floor

    • including sink and toilet
    • communal showerrooms / floor
    • common room with kitchen, kitchen / floor

Facilities include:

  •  washing room (including washing machines and dryers)
  • underground parking
  • bike storage

Supermarkets, shops and a health center are located in walking distance.  The nearest underground station is Bahnhof Giesing. 




How to apply

Please send us an e-mail containing your address and your phone number. We will contact you as soon as possible.

Prices for each room:  

House B, 3rd floor                           495,0 €*

                       House B, 6th - 8th floor                   465,0 €*

                       House C, 1st - 3rd floor                   465,0 €*

                                                                                         *Price includes additional costs.

In addition, a deposit (three times a net rent) has to be paid.

The agreement is valid one year at a time and may be extended each year for one year.